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uAttend Fingerprint Time Clocks – The Standard for Absolute Best HR Management

ImageKeeping today’s ever-increasing competitive marketplace in mind, there is a significant need for business management systems that can help business owners stay alive and compete. Automated HR solutions, such as fingerprint time clocks from uAttend, can be a great asset for small and medium sized businesses in ensuring that every second of their employees’ time is accounted for.  When it comes to accurate, to-the-minute tracking of employee time and attendance, businesses around the world have found uAttend workforce management systems to be highly effective, responsive, user-friendly and extremely affordable.

Range of Solutions Offered

Traditional time and attendance systems have always presented very limited options to small and medium sized businesses. In comparison, web time clocks from uAttend not only offer the core functionality of 100% accurate employee time tracking, but they also enable businesses to track and record employee work hours from remote locations, as well as create productivity reports, and integrate with payroll systems. This results in the complete streamlining of employee payroll along with a number of key operational procedures.

The fingerprint time and attendance systems from uAttend provide an ease of access and usability that is hard to come by with manual devices, or even on-premise software. Cloud based delivery makes it possible for time tracking terminals to be connected with any network that has built in TCP/IP.

ImageTaking it a step further, uAttend’s biometric enabled workforce management solutions  authenticate employee identity by comparing their unique physical traits such as fingerprints and facial patterns, which are nearly impossible to forge. uAttend time keeping solutions come with data collection terminals that are equipped with state-of-the-art security features. Once an organization implements a biometric time clocks, the fingerprints and/or facial features of each employee get stored in the system’s database at remote servers.

Every time registered employees access the terminal, whether for punching in or out, the system compares the biometric data with the stored data and creates a real-time time stamp, thus recording employee hours in the most accurate manner. This data is available for authorized personnel to view 24/7 from anywhere there is an Internet connection. uAttend workforce management solutions have helped scores of small and medium business achieve accurate time tracking. Your business can be next!

To learn more about web time clocks from uAttend, please visit uAttend.Com.


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