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Online Time and Attendance Software for Effective and Simplified Payroll

Technologically-advanced workforce management solutions, such as time and attendance software from uAttend, have revolutionized the way employee time keeping is managed by simplifying the process. In order to succeed in the midst of increasing competition, small and medium-sized businesses need to make use of the latest technology and advanced management tools. Online workforce management solutions are exactly what these organizations need to improve efficiency and succeed in business.  time and attendance software

Tracking employee attendance through automated time clocks is gaining traction among small businesses because it provides great results. The software in these time keeping systems is comprehensive and robust, yet extremely simple and easy to use. In fact, the average small business owner can install, operate, create reports, and process time and attendance data without any professional IT help or support.

Easy to use Solutions

The Plug ‘n Play feature of uAttend time tracking systems eliminates the need to pay hefty licensing fees and lengthy downloading or installation processes. Owners simply plug in the device, connect with an Ethernet connection, and can effortlessly start managing their time and attendance with best possible level of accuracy.

Jumpstarting Productivity

Online time keeping systems from uAttend have been found to be instrumental in improving organizational productivity. They automate your time and attendance tracking, and take care of key aspects such as crunching payroll data. Businesses can say goodbye forever to practices such as tardiness, proxy attendance, time theft, and buddy punching because these solutions help prevent them from happening.

biometric time clocksBiometric enabled time and attendance software from uAttend identifies employees by their unique human characteristics that cannot easily be forged, copied, or manipulated in any way. To date, uAttend solutions have helped small and medium sized businesses save thousands of dollars in payroll costs, often within the first year of implementation.

Imagine being able to better manage your payroll by ensuring that your time and attendance policies are not being violated, and that your rules are being effectively implemented! Plus, you can export detailed reports that integrate with most payroll software systems allowing your team to automatically process payroll.

Want to see your business become a success story? Learn more about uAttend’s advanced biometric time clocks by visiting uAttend.com.


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