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Time and Attendance Software – Which Hosting Platform is Best for Your Company?

Today’s time and attendance software systems are marvelous business administration solutions for effective workforce management. These programs can record, store and generate timesheets that are immediately available to business owners and HR executives to analyze their employees’ time and attendance, as well as monitor their productivity.

As a business owner, it is important to monitor your employees’ time to ensure you are getting a good return on your workforce investment. Time clock software systems can help organizations like yours determine strengths and weaknesses as far as payroll and HR are concerned. These solutions can be implemented with a number of different features and can be hosted in different ways, either in-house or in the cloud. Of course, as a business owner, it will be more beneficial to select a solution and hosting platform based on your company’s particular needs. The information below should help you determine which hosting platform is best for your company. time keeping software

Software Hosting Options

As noted above, a business can implement a workforce management solution in two ways: cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), or on-premise software hosted on the company’s own server. In the latter option, employers have to spend a considerable amount of revenue on a dedicated PC to act as a server. In addition, they have to go through the tedious and time consuming process of downloading and installing time tracking software, and in most cases, there are costly licensing fees involved as well as comprehensive employee training.

In comparison, time tracking software solutions delivered through the cloud do not require in-house servers, nor do they require any downloading or installation. As a business owner, you simply plug the device in, register your employees, and immediately start monitoring and recording your workforce’s hours in the most accurate manner possible. For small and medium sized businesses with smaller revenues, the SaaS platform provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for employee time management.

There are other options like stand-alone software systems that offer very basic functionalities such as simple time and attendance recording and reporting. These options are more suited to businesses with five to 10 employees. Any business that has more than ten people on its payroll should have a fully-featured and robust time keeping solution because they not only help monitor and record employee work hours, but they also help process payroll and generate detailed reports for employee productivity.

For example, uAttend’s time keeping software solutions can be integrated with existing payroll and accounting systems providing businesses with an automated and streamlined means of processing their time and attendance data. Imagine processing payroll in just a matter of clicks! SaaS solutions allow you to do this.

If you would like to learn more about automated time clock software systems and other time tracking products, please visit www.uAttend.com.


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