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Processing Point Updates its uAttend Web Based Time Tracking Software

Processing Point, Inc., the makers of uAttend web based time tracking software, has announced a new release to its highly sought-after workforce time management solution. uAttend’s time keeping application has recently been augmented with various features that make the software extremely easy to navigate and allow customers the ability to personalize elements on their dashboard.

Since it first entered the market, uAttend has been recognized as a major force among time clock software systems and is noted as one of the most affordable HR solutions available today. The company has achieved this distinction by providing easy-to-use time and attendance solutions that are highly functional and extremely simple to implement. With intuitive and robust software that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, uAttend has established itself as one of the most cost-effective, results-oriented time and attendance solution providers around.  web based time tracking software

The uAttend time tracking solution consists of a resourceful and adaptable product line that is able to fulfill the needs of any size workplace. These advanced systems include biometric- enabled solutions with facial and fingerprint recognition, Proximity Card readers, Smartphone Apps and browser-based methods for employee time tracking.

Improved Mobile Application for Android Users

In addition to the on-premise methods for tracking and recording employee work hours, uAttend also offers remote workforce management solutions. This includes a mobile application for tablets and Smart phones that enable employees to punch-in and out from off-site locations. The latest version of the uAttend mobile app is currently available for Android users. iPhone and iPad users will also soon receive the update.

With the addition of these latest features, floor supervisors and HR executives will be able to manage employee time and attendance in an effective manner from their handheld devices. This ultimately will reduce a manager’s reliance on a PC computer. The update makes it convenient for Payroll executives to edit and/or approve employee timecards, as well as to generate payroll summaries for each department. The enhanced version of uAttend’s web based time tracking software also has an updated dashboard homepage that administrators can use to generate employee productivity charts.

Time clock software systems from uAttend are quickly making a place for themselves thanks to the affordability and effective time and attendance solutions they provide. To learn more about the uAttend product line, please visit http://www.uattend.com.


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