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uAttend Offers a State-of-the-Art Facial Recognition Biometric Time Clock

uAttend, which is one of the leading brands in biometric workforce management solutions and is made and marketed by Processing Point Inc., has launched a high-tech facial recognition time tracking system that is ideal for assembly and heavy metal industries. With this highly advanced biometric time clock solution, it is not only easy for HR and payroll executives in these industries to effectively manage their time tracking and streamline their payroll, but it is also easy for employees to mark their attendance.

uAttend’s employee management systems have been at the forefront of the employee time and attendance marketplace since their inception thanks to a robust product line of RFID and web based time clocks with biometric functionality. Even though uAttend is a relatively new player in the industry, it has already established itself as a prominent leader among competitors. Its latest device, the MN2000 facial recognition workforce management solution, furthers uAttend’s authority in the market by providing cost-effective, feature-rich solutions.   mn2000

The MN2000 Facial Recognition Biometric Time Clock

Punching employees in and out of work through facial recognition is the most hygienic and sanitary means for tracking employee work hours. Since employees are never required to come into contact with the actual device, this high-tech solution enables them to have their time and attendance recorded in a clean, “hands-free” manner. In addition, entrepreneurs are also able to combat the difficulty in reading fingerprints of employees who may have damaged or dirtied them while working on assembly lines or with heavy metals.

“Manufacturing employees such as fabricators and welders can sometimes have unreadable fingerprints as a result of coming into contact with heavy metals and grime,” said Steve Wells, director of technical services at Processing Point. “As a result, it can be difficult to match the scanned prints with the stored fingerprint templates and accurately identify the employee. This is actually a rare occurrence, but is never a concern when facial recognition technology is being used.”

The MN2000 is priced at less than $300 making it by far the most cost-effective facial recognition workforce management solution available today. In addition to the facial recognition punch-in and punch-out option (which goes up to 200 employees), uAttend’s MN2000 web based time clock also provide punch-in facilities through a PIN pad and an RFID card reader (for an unlimited number of employees). This groundbreaking device is definitely changing the way businesses track and monitor employee attendance.


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