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Time and Attendance Tracking – What is the Best Method and Why?

Time and attendance tracking is an essential process for any business. No matter what size your organization is, if you don’t track employee hours in an accurate manner, there is less chance for sustained growth and profitability in the long run. A business can go about tracking employee work hours in one of two ways: they can either use manual tracking, or automated tracking. In this post, we discuss which method is better and the rationale behind it.time and attendance tracking

1. Manual Time Keeping Methods

Different organizations use different means and systems to record employee hours. Some of the most common manual methods are paper time sheets and mechanical time clocks. In paper systems, employees enter their time and attendance onto time sheets, often without any supervision. Employers must trust their employees are being honest about their work hours. As you can well imagine, this leaves a lot of room for falsified hours as many employees take liberties while reporting their time. With manual time keeping, there is often the rounding off of work hours, as well as indiscreet practices like proxy attendance.

Mechanical recording devices can be easily duped too. While employees punch in and out with time cards and automatically have their times marked or stamped, there is no protection against workplace time theft practices such as buddy punching. As a result, small businesses can lose revenues on a consistent basis and experience lower productivity and profitability. This is not the case with automated, web based time clock systems, such as those offered by uAttend.

2. Automated Time and Attendance Tracking

Automated workforce management solutions from uAttend let employees punch in using unique physiological traits such as their fingerprints or facial patterns. These systems provide the best possible method for managing and recording employee work hours because it is near impossible to manipulate or forge these individual traits. Fraudulence in the workplace is immediately minimized.

Accuracy in time and attendance recording can jumpstart your company’s productivity and guarantee improved profitability on a consistent basis. While employees find themselves unable to cheat the system, they soon become aware of the inevitable accountability and lose bad habits like tardiness and time theft.

If you are a small business owner who is experiencing problems with your time and attendance tracking, implement biometric web based time clock systems from uAttend today!


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