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Beyond Timekeeping – The Added Benefits of Wireless Time Clock Systems

Time keeping software systems Time keeping software systems are used extensively at today’s businesses to help accurately track and manage employee time and attendance. However, aside from the simple recording of employee work hours, there are additional features that many small business owners are not fully aware of.

Automated timekeeping systems have a lot more to offer than just the ability to produce accurate paychecks. If your organization is not taking advantage of such features, your business is missing out on vital benefits. In this post, I’ll discuss some of these more useful features and touch on the incredible things managers can accomplish with time and attendance software systems.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about timekeeping systems (other than the accurate recording of work hours that I noted earlier), is that they allow you to view, plan and manage your employees time. In doing so, you are able to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk and improve your workforce productivity. The software reduces the amount of manual and timely administrative tasks, thus freeing you for more value added activities. What could you do with extra hours in your workweek?

Another great feature that today’s attendance software offers is that it can help with cost analysis. For example, manufacturing organizations can use their time and attendance solution for calculating the amount of time spent on various jobs. Employees can clock in and out of different pre-defined departments every time they start on a new project. This way, organizations can track the time spent on each step of the production process and be in a better position to determine manufacturing costs. This can help when establishing price points for products.

Of course we can’t forget about cloud-based connectivity and biometric recognition capabilities. These are perhaps two of the most technologically advanced and most beneficial features of today’s systems. In short, the cloud provides managers with real-time access to valuable work hour data and biometric requirements help prevent and eliminate time theft and buddy punching. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes leveraging the technology of today’s time clocks.

It is because of all these added benefits that time keeping software is able to greatly impact your bottom line. You can utilize time tracking software systems for reducing payroll costs, for streamlining your organizational processes and for boosting productivity and more.

If your business is ready to benefit from what wireless time clock systems have to offer, visit uAttend.Com.


How Smart is Your Current Time and Attendance System?

time & attendance software by uAttend.comHave you ever tried to mine data from manually collected time and attendance figures? It is a bit like trying to swim in a swamp. No matter how hard you try, it seems as though you are going nowhere with your efforts. The truth is that manual systems are not an effective way to manage your time and attendance, and are an even less effective way to extract useful information such as business intelligence.

The point of using a time & attendance software system is not just to know what time employees are arriving and leaving. In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies have to get as much out of their human resources as they can and manage their employees’ time in the most productive manner possible. Gathering business intelligence from your time and attendance data can help in this endeavor.

employee time clocks by uAttendHow Time Attendance Software Helps

Automated workforce management systems are not only able to track employee time and attendance, but can also gather data and transform it into meaningful data. In this case, the meaningful data is data that can provide insight into your employee productivity patterns and time and attendance behaviors. In addition, departmentalized reports shed light on the achievements of each department enabling executives and floor supervisors to plan work schedules that can guarantee more productivity.

In addition to identifying performers and slackers, human resource managers are able to accurately generate invoices and bill customers. They can do this directly using the time and attendance data that their employees record while working at customer locations. Of course, all this is done much quicker and easier than if your organization is working with manual timekeeping systems such as paper time sheets or mechanical card punching time clocks.

Transforming Raw Data Into Business Intelligence

Time & attendance software is one of the best solutions to turn large amounts of raw data into something useful that provides unique insights and perspectives that can help develop future business goals. Taking advantage of new opportunities and generating new and effective strategies can enable a business to achieve long-term stability and a competitive market advantage.

For more information on time attendance software and how can it help gather business intelligence, please visit www.uAttend.Com.

Can Your Time Keeping Software Justify Acquisition Costs?

employee time clocksIf you are a veteran entrepreneur, you are likely well aware of the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to do business these days due to our highly competitive business environment. Increasing competition and declining economic growth is making it challenging for businesses, especially small ones, to keep their heads above water. A sure way to stay afloat is to introduce measures and systems that can have a positive impact on growth and operational costs. Time keeping software systems from uAttend are this kind of solution.

What Costs are Involved?

There are hundreds of workforce management systems available in today’s market that range from cheap to affordable to highly expensive to overpriced. As a small business owner, you need to base your decision on ground realities and your particular needs. While you may not be looking for stand-alone systems with bare-bone reporting capabilities, you also do not likely want expensive software that has fancy features you have absolutely no need for. uAttend’s employee time clocks present the best combination of features and affordability to address all your time and attendance needs and more.

Catering to Small Business Needs

uAttend HR solutions are designed specifically to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. These systems not only provide punch in options for on-site employees, but also for a mobile workforce. In addition to mobile options, uAttend offers affordable biometric time and attendance systems. These systems are cloud based, which gives small business owners the ability to keep track of their employees from anywhere in the world.

Avoiding Frilly Solutions

There are time keeping software systems with price tags in the thousands. Granted these solutions may carry a lot of fancy features, but does your business actually need them? What exactly are your time and attendance needs? Accurate tracking of employee hours, automated reporting, elimination of human error and payroll integration are the key features required by a majority of small businesses. Each and every one of these can be achieved with a uAttend Employee Management System at an extremely affordable price!

Morale of the story? Stop rationalizing the need for an expensive attendance system that you will likely never recover acquisition costs from – look into a uAttend business solution today!

To learn more about employee time clocks, please visit uAttend.Com.

uAttend Fingerprint Time Clocks – The Standard for Absolute Best HR Management

ImageKeeping today’s ever-increasing competitive marketplace in mind, there is a significant need for business management systems that can help business owners stay alive and compete. Automated HR solutions, such as fingerprint time clocks from uAttend, can be a great asset for small and medium sized businesses in ensuring that every second of their employees’ time is accounted for.  When it comes to accurate, to-the-minute tracking of employee time and attendance, businesses around the world have found uAttend workforce management systems to be highly effective, responsive, user-friendly and extremely affordable.

Range of Solutions Offered

Traditional time and attendance systems have always presented very limited options to small and medium sized businesses. In comparison, web time clocks from uAttend not only offer the core functionality of 100% accurate employee time tracking, but they also enable businesses to track and record employee work hours from remote locations, as well as create productivity reports, and integrate with payroll systems. This results in the complete streamlining of employee payroll along with a number of key operational procedures.

The fingerprint time and attendance systems from uAttend provide an ease of access and usability that is hard to come by with manual devices, or even on-premise software. Cloud based delivery makes it possible for time tracking terminals to be connected with any network that has built in TCP/IP.

ImageTaking it a step further, uAttend’s biometric enabled workforce management solutions  authenticate employee identity by comparing their unique physical traits such as fingerprints and facial patterns, which are nearly impossible to forge. uAttend time keeping solutions come with data collection terminals that are equipped with state-of-the-art security features. Once an organization implements a biometric time clocks, the fingerprints and/or facial features of each employee get stored in the system’s database at remote servers.

Every time registered employees access the terminal, whether for punching in or out, the system compares the biometric data with the stored data and creates a real-time time stamp, thus recording employee hours in the most accurate manner. This data is available for authorized personnel to view 24/7 from anywhere there is an Internet connection. uAttend workforce management solutions have helped scores of small and medium business achieve accurate time tracking. Your business can be next!

To learn more about web time clocks from uAttend, please visit uAttend.Com.

Online Time and Attendance Software for Effective and Simplified Payroll

Technologically-advanced workforce management solutions, such as time and attendance software from uAttend, have revolutionized the way employee time keeping is managed by simplifying the process. In order to succeed in the midst of increasing competition, small and medium-sized businesses need to make use of the latest technology and advanced management tools. Online workforce management solutions are exactly what these organizations need to improve efficiency and succeed in business.  time and attendance software

Tracking employee attendance through automated time clocks is gaining traction among small businesses because it provides great results. The software in these time keeping systems is comprehensive and robust, yet extremely simple and easy to use. In fact, the average small business owner can install, operate, create reports, and process time and attendance data without any professional IT help or support.

Easy to use Solutions

The Plug ‘n Play feature of uAttend time tracking systems eliminates the need to pay hefty licensing fees and lengthy downloading or installation processes. Owners simply plug in the device, connect with an Ethernet connection, and can effortlessly start managing their time and attendance with best possible level of accuracy.

Jumpstarting Productivity

Online time keeping systems from uAttend have been found to be instrumental in improving organizational productivity. They automate your time and attendance tracking, and take care of key aspects such as crunching payroll data. Businesses can say goodbye forever to practices such as tardiness, proxy attendance, time theft, and buddy punching because these solutions help prevent them from happening.

biometric time clocksBiometric enabled time and attendance software from uAttend identifies employees by their unique human characteristics that cannot easily be forged, copied, or manipulated in any way. To date, uAttend solutions have helped small and medium sized businesses save thousands of dollars in payroll costs, often within the first year of implementation.

Imagine being able to better manage your payroll by ensuring that your time and attendance policies are not being violated, and that your rules are being effectively implemented! Plus, you can export detailed reports that integrate with most payroll software systems allowing your team to automatically process payroll.

Want to see your business become a success story? Learn more about uAttend’s advanced biometric time clocks by visiting uAttend.com.

Time and Attendance Software – Which Hosting Platform is Best for Your Company?

Today’s time and attendance software systems are marvelous business administration solutions for effective workforce management. These programs can record, store and generate timesheets that are immediately available to business owners and HR executives to analyze their employees’ time and attendance, as well as monitor their productivity.

As a business owner, it is important to monitor your employees’ time to ensure you are getting a good return on your workforce investment. Time clock software systems can help organizations like yours determine strengths and weaknesses as far as payroll and HR are concerned. These solutions can be implemented with a number of different features and can be hosted in different ways, either in-house or in the cloud. Of course, as a business owner, it will be more beneficial to select a solution and hosting platform based on your company’s particular needs. The information below should help you determine which hosting platform is best for your company. time keeping software

Software Hosting Options

As noted above, a business can implement a workforce management solution in two ways: cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), or on-premise software hosted on the company’s own server. In the latter option, employers have to spend a considerable amount of revenue on a dedicated PC to act as a server. In addition, they have to go through the tedious and time consuming process of downloading and installing time tracking software, and in most cases, there are costly licensing fees involved as well as comprehensive employee training.

In comparison, time tracking software solutions delivered through the cloud do not require in-house servers, nor do they require any downloading or installation. As a business owner, you simply plug the device in, register your employees, and immediately start monitoring and recording your workforce’s hours in the most accurate manner possible. For small and medium sized businesses with smaller revenues, the SaaS platform provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for employee time management.

There are other options like stand-alone software systems that offer very basic functionalities such as simple time and attendance recording and reporting. These options are more suited to businesses with five to 10 employees. Any business that has more than ten people on its payroll should have a fully-featured and robust time keeping solution because they not only help monitor and record employee work hours, but they also help process payroll and generate detailed reports for employee productivity.

For example, uAttend’s time keeping software solutions can be integrated with existing payroll and accounting systems providing businesses with an automated and streamlined means of processing their time and attendance data. Imagine processing payroll in just a matter of clicks! SaaS solutions allow you to do this.

If you would like to learn more about automated time clock software systems and other time tracking products, please visit www.uAttend.com.

Processing Point Updates its uAttend Web Based Time Tracking Software

Processing Point, Inc., the makers of uAttend web based time tracking software, has announced a new release to its highly sought-after workforce time management solution. uAttend’s time keeping application has recently been augmented with various features that make the software extremely easy to navigate and allow customers the ability to personalize elements on their dashboard.

Since it first entered the market, uAttend has been recognized as a major force among time clock software systems and is noted as one of the most affordable HR solutions available today. The company has achieved this distinction by providing easy-to-use time and attendance solutions that are highly functional and extremely simple to implement. With intuitive and robust software that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, uAttend has established itself as one of the most cost-effective, results-oriented time and attendance solution providers around.  web based time tracking software

The uAttend time tracking solution consists of a resourceful and adaptable product line that is able to fulfill the needs of any size workplace. These advanced systems include biometric- enabled solutions with facial and fingerprint recognition, Proximity Card readers, Smartphone Apps and browser-based methods for employee time tracking.

Improved Mobile Application for Android Users

In addition to the on-premise methods for tracking and recording employee work hours, uAttend also offers remote workforce management solutions. This includes a mobile application for tablets and Smart phones that enable employees to punch-in and out from off-site locations. The latest version of the uAttend mobile app is currently available for Android users. iPhone and iPad users will also soon receive the update.

With the addition of these latest features, floor supervisors and HR executives will be able to manage employee time and attendance in an effective manner from their handheld devices. This ultimately will reduce a manager’s reliance on a PC computer. The update makes it convenient for Payroll executives to edit and/or approve employee timecards, as well as to generate payroll summaries for each department. The enhanced version of uAttend’s web based time tracking software also has an updated dashboard homepage that administrators can use to generate employee productivity charts.

Time clock software systems from uAttend are quickly making a place for themselves thanks to the affordability and effective time and attendance solutions they provide. To learn more about the uAttend product line, please visit http://www.uattend.com.

uAttend Offers a State-of-the-Art Facial Recognition Biometric Time Clock

uAttend, which is one of the leading brands in biometric workforce management solutions and is made and marketed by Processing Point Inc., has launched a high-tech facial recognition time tracking system that is ideal for assembly and heavy metal industries. With this highly advanced biometric time clock solution, it is not only easy for HR and payroll executives in these industries to effectively manage their time tracking and streamline their payroll, but it is also easy for employees to mark their attendance.

uAttend’s employee management systems have been at the forefront of the employee time and attendance marketplace since their inception thanks to a robust product line of RFID and web based time clocks with biometric functionality. Even though uAttend is a relatively new player in the industry, it has already established itself as a prominent leader among competitors. Its latest device, the MN2000 facial recognition workforce management solution, furthers uAttend’s authority in the market by providing cost-effective, feature-rich solutions.   mn2000

The MN2000 Facial Recognition Biometric Time Clock

Punching employees in and out of work through facial recognition is the most hygienic and sanitary means for tracking employee work hours. Since employees are never required to come into contact with the actual device, this high-tech solution enables them to have their time and attendance recorded in a clean, “hands-free” manner. In addition, entrepreneurs are also able to combat the difficulty in reading fingerprints of employees who may have damaged or dirtied them while working on assembly lines or with heavy metals.

“Manufacturing employees such as fabricators and welders can sometimes have unreadable fingerprints as a result of coming into contact with heavy metals and grime,” said Steve Wells, director of technical services at Processing Point. “As a result, it can be difficult to match the scanned prints with the stored fingerprint templates and accurately identify the employee. This is actually a rare occurrence, but is never a concern when facial recognition technology is being used.”

The MN2000 is priced at less than $300 making it by far the most cost-effective facial recognition workforce management solution available today. In addition to the facial recognition punch-in and punch-out option (which goes up to 200 employees), uAttend’s MN2000 web based time clock also provide punch-in facilities through a PIN pad and an RFID card reader (for an unlimited number of employees). This groundbreaking device is definitely changing the way businesses track and monitor employee attendance.

Time and Attendance Tracking – What is the Best Method and Why?

Time and attendance tracking is an essential process for any business. No matter what size your organization is, if you don’t track employee hours in an accurate manner, there is less chance for sustained growth and profitability in the long run. A business can go about tracking employee work hours in one of two ways: they can either use manual tracking, or automated tracking. In this post, we discuss which method is better and the rationale behind it.time and attendance tracking

1. Manual Time Keeping Methods

Different organizations use different means and systems to record employee hours. Some of the most common manual methods are paper time sheets and mechanical time clocks. In paper systems, employees enter their time and attendance onto time sheets, often without any supervision. Employers must trust their employees are being honest about their work hours. As you can well imagine, this leaves a lot of room for falsified hours as many employees take liberties while reporting their time. With manual time keeping, there is often the rounding off of work hours, as well as indiscreet practices like proxy attendance.

Mechanical recording devices can be easily duped too. While employees punch in and out with time cards and automatically have their times marked or stamped, there is no protection against workplace time theft practices such as buddy punching. As a result, small businesses can lose revenues on a consistent basis and experience lower productivity and profitability. This is not the case with automated, web based time clock systems, such as those offered by uAttend.

2. Automated Time and Attendance Tracking

Automated workforce management solutions from uAttend let employees punch in using unique physiological traits such as their fingerprints or facial patterns. These systems provide the best possible method for managing and recording employee work hours because it is near impossible to manipulate or forge these individual traits. Fraudulence in the workplace is immediately minimized.

Accuracy in time and attendance recording can jumpstart your company’s productivity and guarantee improved profitability on a consistent basis. While employees find themselves unable to cheat the system, they soon become aware of the inevitable accountability and lose bad habits like tardiness and time theft.

If you are a small business owner who is experiencing problems with your time and attendance tracking, implement biometric web based time clock systems from uAttend today!

uAttend Interviewed for its Facial Recognition Time Clocks

uAttend, one of the fastest growing workforce management solutions providers in the United States, was featured in yet another top-rated publication. Its latest line of facial recognition time clocks was noted in an article on a leading HR news and resource website, Workforce.com. This is just another sign that uAttend is making waves on the employee time and attendance management scene with its innovative workforce management solutions.  employee time clocks

In one of its recent posts, Workforce.com discussed how employers are turning to biometric technology in increasing numbers to streamline their time and attendance. The news site, which is one of the foremost sources of HR trends and the latest HR information, explained why businesses are turning toward solutions like uAttend’s facial recognition biometric employee time clocks.

The COO of Processing Point, Andrew Newby, and the owner of Greathouse Screen Printing, Shawn Greathouse, were both interviewed for the article regarding uAttend’s facial recognition software system.

The uAttend™ Employee Management System boasts some of the best workforce management solutions available today. Not only is uAttend cutting edge and highly advanced, but it is also easy to implement and simple to use. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective. Plain and simple, uAttend’s biometric time clocks are built to address the time and attendance needs of all small and medium-sized enterprises.

Processing Point recently launched uAttend’s state-of-the-art facial recognition time tracking software to further bolster its popular line of biometric time keeping systems. These biometric systems are in high demand due to their ease of use and the affordability they provide for small and medium-sized business owners.

The continued recognition of Processing Point and uAttend by major news players has strengthened our resolve to provide cost-effective and reliable workforce management solutions for business organizations. To learn more about uAttend facial recognition employee time clocks, please visit http://www.uAttend.com.

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